Artist Spotlight - Georgi Simeonov

"Calader", the moniker for the massively talented Georgi Simeonov, is currently working as an art director and production designer at Unity in London, United Kingdom.  Before that, he was creating at Splash Damage Ltd.

Georgi's vast breadth of work includes such titles as D&D Dungeon Masters Guide II, Open Grave, BRINK, WarDevil and much, much more.  His intricate knowledge of art, concept art and illustration and everything in between becomes quite evident the more time you spend admiring his work.  From character design to environmental design to weapon concepts - Calader is proficient at them all and boy does he execute well.

Below you will find a massive collection of his works we spent quite some time compiling and categorizing.  We're thrilled to be sharing his works with you and hope you will seek out Georgi and his art because they are fantastic.

Our top 38 images - yes, there were that many.

Character Concepts:

Environment concept design:

Vehicle Design:

Weapon concepts:


"The Blacksmith is a real-time rendered short film inspired by Old Norse mythology. We developed it to try out the rendering capabilities of Unity 5, the newest version of the Unity game engine. Learn more at Learn more about Unity 5 at Song: "Ilmarinen's Lament", Composed and Performed by Theo Hakola Help us caption & translate this video!" - Georgi Simeonov