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This week's Artist Spotlight is the insanely talented Nikolai Lockertsen who's created some incredible works of art... and on the iPad no less!

Here's what Nikolai had to say about his works utilizing "Procreate" on the iPad - “Since the iPad first came, I’ve used it to create sketches and artwork and had lots of fun with it. Then Procreate offered canvas in 4K! Since then I have done all my concept art and private artwork on the iPad with Procreate. I love the format and flexibility the iPad offers and the pro level artwork you can create in Procreate.”

Nikolai Lockertsen currently reigns from Moss, Norway and  has worked in the film-industry and vfx since the late 90's. As a professional concept artist, illustrator, animator and matte-painter he has worked on more than 30 feature films a whole slew of TV productions and commercials.

We hope you're as excited as we are about the incredibly large gallery of Nikolai's artwork that we've curated for you below... 

Alex Vazquez