Artist Spotlight - GUWEIZ


This week's Artist Spotlight is none other than "GUWEIZ".  Hailing from Singapore, Guweiz focuses his artistic abilities on perfecting the female portrait.  While his skill is incredible and multi-faceted, his intrigue with the female face is apparent when glancing over his vast collection of work.  His style is reminiscent of Ilya Kuvshinov and Irakli Nadar, yet he has an undeniable uniqueness to his method to the conclusion of his art.  

Some fun facts about GUWEIZ: He loves "Ghost in the Shell" - and who doesn't!?  Who's seen the preview of the 2017 remake with Scarlett Johansson?  Looks promising...  

Anyway...  We're in love with his work and look forward to featuring GUWEIZ many, many more times in the future.



Painting Process Compliments of GUWEIZ: