The imaginative genius of Jason Chan

Here at FableHatch, we would have a hard time discovering an artist who's art is more inspired, or creative than that of Jason Chan.  You can see his lifelong dedication to his art in every piece, and we thank him for his addition to the world of art and illustration.

Jason Chan is a concept artist with Riot Games where he specializes in illustration for marketing, key art illustration, and character design.  When not buried in day to day office "art-work" Jason lends his talents to the freelance illustration world, mainly specializing in sci-fi concept art and fantasy illustration, as well as young adult novels.  

In addition, Jason has demoed at international conferences on many occasions, as well as taught private classes on concept art.  His awe-inspiring artwork has been featured in galleries on an international scale - from the United States to Europe.

Here are some fantastic, Jason Chan, digital artworks videos.  Enjoy...

Jason Chan Digital Illustration - Adobe Photoshop

Before watching this video, I was always worried about how to look sexy if a giant tentacled sea monster pulled me down to his underwater lair. That is a concern no longer. (Thank you Jason Chan!!) I'm also no longer concerned with how to complete a digital illustration based on an approved thumbnail sketch. - Jason Chan

Jason Chan Character Design 3 - The Villain

In part three of this series Jason designs three distinct villain characters: The Overlord, The Hunter, and The Deceiver. The real key, once again, is to help artists really think about the decisions they make while designing characters. Once a character is understood, the visual details can then be added to further enhance his or her identity.  - Jason Chan