Artist Spotlight - Charlie Bowater

Charlie Bowater was born in the UK in 1988 and, here at FableHatch, we're certain, considering her breadth of innate abilities in the realm of visual arts, Charlie was born to be a master artist - which she has accomplished without question.

Charlie Bowater being awesome.

Charlie Bowater being awesome.

Charlie was raised on 90's cartoons, including as much Disney as she could get her mitts on!  This must have been a catalyst for her lifelong romance with the art world as she would spend hours, upon hours drawing her favorite cartoon characters and telling anyone that would listen about her dreams and ambitions of becoming a cartoon animator.

Her distinctive design style is easily distinguishable by anyone who's seen her work(s).  Her use of color is simply delectable and the visions she creates are beautiful beyond belief...

Charlie currently lives and works as a Lead Concept Artist and Illustrator in the UK and has invested her time in worthy projects - including digital art tutorials, editorial work, illustrations for book covers and, of course, concept art and marketing for video games.

She finds inspiration in music, photography, books (one of her favorite past times) and the overall strangeness of life and everything in it.

Here at FableHatch, Charlie is one of our all-time favorites and we thank her for the beauty she brings into this world.

Another massive collection of masterpieces by Charlie.  You're welcome.

Here's an incredible digital paint rendering by Charlie Bowater...