FableHatch.com is a collective of concept art, illustration and fable enthusiasts that explore design and story telling with a focus on concept and digital art and illustration.  we hope you'll join us on this life long journey.


a bit more about us.

This blog was started to bring as much focus and attention to the great concept art and illustration masters of our time.  I have always been obsessed with concept and digital art and could look at it and watch digital rendering videos for hours and hours, so I finally made the decision to dive into the world that I love so much in the hopes of spreading as much awareness of this art and the people who create it.

Blogging is new to me, but my love and obsession for art - digital art in particular, is not.  Please comment and critique as much as you'd like - I welcome it.  Please send comments and suggestions here>> and help make this art blog the best it can be...  Thank you! :)